• Make it easy for customers to provide feedback with a single touch
  • Guests select from eight options, indicating exactly what needs attention in each location
  • You choose who on your team is notified as soon as feedback is sent, so they can take immediate action
  • Respond before a small issue becomes a big problem

Qselect Dashboard

  • Compare, view, and download your feedback in real-time and over time to see trends based on time of day and category
  • Analyze the types of feedback you’re most frequently receiving to identify persistent problems
  • Customize your alerts and communication via the dashboard so your team is notified as directed


  • Guests send comments and complaints which provides information for your teams on issues that need immediate attention
  • Your team is notified as soon as the comments come in, so you know which restroom requires attention ASAP
  • Each restroom has a unique phone number so the location of the issue is immediately known
  • Phone numbers are not stored or tracked, ensuring that feedback is anonymous and guests feel comfortable providing feedback

Qsend Dashboard

  • Compare feedback over time to see trends and identify persistent problems
  • View customer comments and complaints on your custom dashboard
  • View, download and analyze customer complaints over time, gaining insight into persistent issues
  • Choose who gets notified for each restroom and whether it’s over email or text

Sensors anonymously count restroom users

  • Long-lasting and battery powered, so there’s no need to plug them in
  • Small and discreet: each sensor is the size of a deck of cards and can be designed to blend into your décor
  • Easily attached to walls with a semi-permanent adhesive
  • Requires internet connection via WiFi

Qtotal Dashboard

  • Access usage data on your dashboard in real-time
  • Receive alerts when a total number of people use the restroom – you choose the specific number that triggers the notification
  • View, download, and analyze your historical data to understand usage patterns over time

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