by Adam Hoffman

The process of founding and growing a business is notoriously unpredictable. Looking back on my lessons learned from the last few years with CheckTheQ, one rises above the rest: the need to acknowledge, accept, and embrace uncertainty.

CheckTheQ was founded two years ago with the goal of using real-time data to improve staffing at airport security and manage traveler expectations around waiting times.

Today, we are announcing Qstodian, a new custodial workforce management system developed, like many pivots, from listening to the marketplace.

Last year, one of our airport customers told us that while poorly managed queueing was a problem, they were facing a far more pressing pain: difficulty maintaining exemplary cleanliness throughout their terminals.

It turns out that keeping facilities clean, and restrooms in particular, has a profound impact on a business’s bottom line. This extends well beyond airports.

Over three quarters of patrons won’t return to a restaurant if they have a bad experience in the restroom.¹

More than 80% of employees believe that the state of their office restroom reflects how their company feels about them.²

Facility managers identified restroom cleanliness as their top challenge, and they spend millions on custodial services every year.³

Restroom and terminal cleanliness is the single greatest factor affecting passenger satisfaction at the airport.⁴

And on and on.

After months of research and customer discovery, our team concluded that:

1. This real pain is acutely felt by stakeholders across numerous verticals

2. The realm of custodial services and cleaning is ripe for a data-driven overhaul

3. Current providers are missing the mark on what the marketplace needs and how these services should be delivered

4. This opportunity aligns closely with our company’s mission, our team’s strengths, and our customers’ desires

That is why, today, we are excited to announce the launch of Qstodian.

Our first three Qstodian products, QSend, QSelect, and QTotal, leverage usage data and real-time feedback to improve how and when restrooms are cleaned and managed. All three are available now.

They’ve been beta-tested and battle-tested in live environments, and will be rolled out to new customers over the coming days, weeks, and months.

Qstodian is more than these initial products. This is the beginning of an ambitious plan to develop and execute a platform that will ultimately transform custodial workforce management across all kinds of establishments: restaurants, airports, office buildings, fitness centers, retailers, and more. Over the following years, we will aim to bring our vision to fruition while adding substantial value to the marketplace.

Although we’re aiming high, our eyes are open and our feet are planted firmly on the ground: building a truly disruptive business is challenging work. And, we are ready.

We are a diverse St. Louis-based team that has been learning for the greater part of two years through our successes and failures how to work together to produce at a high level.

We are Qstodian, we’re incredibly excited for the future, and we hope you’ll join us on this journey.

We can be reached directly at,, and 781. 507. 6463.

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