Our Qstory

Qstodian is a custodial management software platform used by venues around the country. The Qstodian platform gives users the power to receive real-time feedback, send notifications, and track restroom usage to improve customer satisfaction, staffing efficiency, and savings.

Based in the heart of the innovation district in beautiful St. Louis, we pride ourselves on our Midwestern values of staying innovative and down-to-earth while working together to get the job done.

We’re a team where everyone’s opinion is valued, from the interns to the executives. And, we’re always looking for good folks searching for their next opportunity (so reach out!).

We’ve built a platform that has a simple installation process, simple pricing, and comprehensive customer support.

We started Qstodian because we believe that when spaces are clean, everybody wins. If you’re interested in learning more, we’re here to chat.