Clean Restrooms.

Excellent customer experiences. Improved operational efficiency.

Employ simple and affordable technology to capture customer feedback and monitor restroom usage.

The Qstodian Combination

Qstodian™ combines counting and customer response technologies to provide a fully-integrated restroom monitoring technology solution for your facility, regardless of size. Sensors count the number of customers and alerts when thresholds are reached while in-restroom text messaging and feedback screens provide real-time notifications of restrooms that need immediate attention. These easily installed products combine to give you control over your restroom facilities in ways that were impossible before.

QTotal Restroom Counting


Not every customer will send a text. Offer customers more than one way to give feedback using wall-mounted tablets. Tablets offer the opportunity to capture more detailed feedback from the customer, ensuring the responding team member has what is needed to correct the reported problem.

QSend Restroom Monitoring


Use our restroom monitoring technology to give your customers a voice! Custom stickers and signage in restrooms give your customers the opportunity to send a text message when there  is a problem. Your designated team member is then alerted, ensuring a speedy response to any restroom issue.

QSelect Restroom Feedback Monitoring Technology


Proactive restroom management starts with knowing how many customers use your restrooms. QTotal uses discreet, battery-powered sensors that count the number of users of a specific restroom location. Use this information to send custodial teams where they’re needed based on usage.

Improve Customer Experiences

Proactively manage restrooms based on usage, ensuring that they are cleaned when needed, not on an arbitrary schedule, and that your team knows when to clean before someone complains.

Give customers more than one way to communicate when there are problems in your restroom, ensuring that your team is aware of them when they happen, limiting the impact of any issue.


Not all parts of your facility require the same attention – use real data to determine where to focus your cleaning.

Save on Staffing Expenses

Staff appropriately based on usage and average issues reported, as opposed to a full team on the payroll for each shift.

Invest in the cleaners who count: identify your most effective team members as well as those who consistently leave customers unsatisfied with their efforts.

Increase Efficiencies

Keep staff fully occupied and engaged in productive tasks throughout their shifts, increasing their job satisfaction and your operational efficiency.


Use Qstodian in Every Restroom






Why Customer Experience Matters

Every customer who doesn’t return is a missed revenue opportunity for your business.

Add the missed revenue opportunity to the further spreading of negative comments about your brand, and improving your restroom operations becomes paramount.

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