New Technology in Airports Could Increase Revenue Dramatically

“Customers who experienced great service in the past were likely to spend 140% more compared to customers who had a poor past experience.”

Here is a list of new technologies that, if implemented well, could cause travelers to spend more at airports.

Effective Restroom Management

Your restroom cleanliness really matters to your staff,  your customers, and your prospects.

Here are some ways to better manage your public restroom. Some of these suggestions need to be implemented early, while others can be easily added later.

Customer Satisfaction

Across the board, consumers are less satisfied. According to a new report from CFI Group, customer satisfaction with a variety of sectors scored 68 (out of 100), a four-point decline from the previous year.

Here are some easy ways to buck the trends and ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Case Study: T-REX

“Through Qstodian, we got more feedback in the first 48 hours than we normally do in a month!”

T-REX is an office building and co-working space focused on providing excellent customer service to its tenants and members.

Case Study: Globe Building

“I knew that with Qstodian in place, I didn’t have to worry about our restrooms anymore. That’s a huge customer experience load off my shoulders.”

The Globe Building is a high-tech office space, data center and event space located in the heart of St. Louis.