Effective Restroom Management

by Tomas Pouls

Your restroom cleanliness really matters to your staff, your customers, and your prospects.

Here are some ways to better manage your public restroom. Some of these suggestions need to be implemented early, while others can be easily added later.

1. Design

Consider implementing design features that can limit water buildup on the bathroom floors by substituting outdated sinks for up-to-date washroom fixtures.

“Wet floors exacerbate the risk of washroom falls, and a significant portion of these injuries are a direct result of outdated sinks, faucets, and hand dryers, which cause water buildup on floors.”

“Falls are the No. 1 source of restroom injuries, 30 percent of which result in head and neck damage.”

Improve your customer experience while decreasing your liability!

2. Technology

Implement touchless washroom fixtures, as consumers are becoming conscious of coming in to contact with public surfaces.

Healthcare facilities in particular should consider implementing a bedpan washer into their toilets to minimize the backsplash of infected water during cleaning time. The backsplash can cause staff to come in to direct contact with bacteria when cleaning bedpans. 

Faucets are a breeding ground for germs. Installing electronic, touch-free faucets lowers the amount of harmful bacteria patients come in to contact with when washing their hands. Other advantages of implementing hands-free faucets include:

  • Water conservation
  • Ease of use for the physically disabled

  • Prevent water overflow due to sink stoppages

  • Set water temperature to prevent scalding

Some faucet features even have LCD displays that guide users, particularly folks who need additional assistance, through the handwashing process to ensure that harmful bacteria are washed away.

Touchless sensor flushometers reduce germ-spreading contact and also reduce water volume by 30 percent, utilizing novel approaches such as dual-flush technology.

3. Employee Management & Data

Consider using data to manage your restroom cleaning schedule. Most facilities set their cleaning schedule based on time, and not on usage. The impact is that facility managers overspend on cleaning services, while getting less out of them.

Instead, implementing an integrated system that can both solicit feedback and track restroom usage, like Qstodian, enables facilities to downsize their cleaning crews while still maintaining exemplary cleanliness.

Downsize your cleaning team, prioritize the restrooms that are busiest, and rely on user feedback to notify when cleaning is needed at less frequented restrooms.

Combining both types of data ensures a better understanding of where restroom issues exist and point to opportunities to improve facilities or staff management.

4. The Environment – Go Green!

Replacing paper towels for electronic hand dryers is one way to way to save the trees and cut costs. These hand dryers eliminate the need for paper products beyond toilet paper.

Consumers want to support establishments that are more eco-friendly. Benefits include:

  • Cutting down on water and energy expenditure 

  • Positive brand image and publicity

  • Long term financial savings

  • Doing your part to save the environment