Customer Feedback

Hear what your customers, clients, and guests need.

Respond immediately and monitor facility use.

real-time feedback

Qstodian™ uses state-of-the-art customer response technologies to provide a fully integrated facility management solution. Text messaging and tablets provide real-time feedback from your customers that tell you what they need, immediately.

From monitoring when restrooms need cleaning, to being notified when a cafeteria is out of napkins, Qstodian is designed to give your customers a voice while showing them that you prioritize their experience and safety.

QSend Restroom Monitoring


Show your customers that you prioritize their safety and their voice! Custom signage and stickers with your branding give customers the opportunity to send a text whenever something needs your attention. Immediate alerts let you know when it’s time to take action. 

QTotal Restroom Counting


Show your customers you’re invested in their experience through wall-mounted tablet feedback. Customers give detailed input that you receive immediately. 

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